Around 2 years painting/ drawing tutor experience in an art studio (The Art of People Creative Studio) for both children and adult (mostly teenager and children). I have learnt watercolor painting for 6 months in Nepal. After back to Macau, I have learnt oil painting and other drawing skills from The Art of People Creative Studio, and working as their part-time painting tutor till now. I am ability to paint and teach in acrylics or oil painting. 在聚藝軒創意工作室當畫畫/油畫導師大約兩年時間。期間有教導兒童及成人畫畫,主要教授對象為青少人 及兒童。 曾在尼泊爾學習半年水彩畫,回澳門後在聚藝軒創意工作室學習油畫及一些其他畫畫技巧,其後擔任他們的兼職導師。主要教授丙烯及油畫課程。